Yoon Eun-hye at 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter fashion show

Eye spy: ‘Wow those are really nice shoes…gotta get ’em.’

I know what Yoon Eun-hye did this afternoon! And no, I don’t have her on Twitter or whatchamacalit.

The Coffee Prince darling was at Samsung-dong’s Coex Intercontinental Hotel today for the 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter collection fashion show :-).

More pics below:

Clap clap: ‘Ha ha ha, the model looks good, but I
look better in that dress.’

Reflective mood: ‘These girls have
nothin’ on me.’

Check it!: ‘Like my pantyhose? Drop by your
nearest Joinus outlet.’

Fashionista: ‘Thanks to Joinus, my wardrobe has an
endless supply of in-season items. I rock!’

Appreciated: ‘Thank you for the bouquet…but I’m more
excited about the cash.’