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Liz celebrates her birthday on Chuseok

Hi everyone,

Have you had your fill of songpyeon (Korean rice cake) or mooncake yet? Besides it being the Mid-Autumn and Chuseok holiday, the auspicious Sept 14 is also Liz’s birthday!

C’mon, everybody together now….HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!

To celebrate Liz‘s birthday, we had a very nice family lunch at Pavilion KL today. And to make the birthday lunch extra special, Rooster was there too! She just flew in from Beijing yesterday! So it was also a K-popped! Trio reunion of sorts.

We went to Food Republic at Pavilion for some upmarket hawker style food. Liz really likes the “o-chien” (oyster omelet) at the Thye Hong stall. So…what birthday girl wants, birthday girl gets!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We had a double helping of
juicy oyster omelet – the birthday girl’s favourite

Thye Hong stall at Food Republic is famous for its Singapore prawn noodle which comes with giant prawns. They also serve oyster omelet and fried kuey teow (flat noodles) at the stall. Both the Singapore prawn noodle and fried kuey teow are served on a unique lotus leaf bed.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Yummy Singapore prawn noodle from Thye Hong.
The signature fragrant stock makes the noodles delicious.

(Squeeze some lime onto the piping hot noodles and dig in!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Fried kuey teow served in a little lotus leaf boat.
Notice the cockle (sea-ham) – another of Liz’s favourite.

After being influenced by the Korean measure of beauty – i.e. the smaller your head the better – Liz kept complaining about her big head. Well, here’s a picture of Liz’s head below as she sits at the head of the table filled with abundant food.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Liz looks at the food as she slurps on her red ruby dessert.
On the table (from top): Penang laksa (in a bowl), Singapore prawn noodle,
Fried kuey teow, Oyster omelet (o-chien), S’pore prawn noodle (again),
red ruby dessert, ice kacang dessert and fried spring roll (fried popiah).

Here’s a closer look at the desserts. The red ruby is actually sago and pieces of water chestnut dyed bright red served with coconut milk. It originated from Thailand and is a popular dessert here because it’s cooling and refreshing. I would have liked it more if they had slivers of jackfruit (nangka) in it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Liz and Rooster pointing out that the
sour sop ice kacang is a disappointment.

What’s a birthday without a cake? I must confess, that i forgot entirely about it. So after a tip from one of the staff at Food Republic, i went up two floors to The Loaf bakery to get these mini cheesecakes. They call The Loaf bakery “Mahathir’s shop”. “Mahathir” as in Malaysia’s ex Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Is it really his shop?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The birthday cake? A mini longan cheesecake from The Loaf.
Shot taken by Rooster.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mini cheesecakes from The Loaf.
From top: Coffee, chocolate & longan.
(pardon the uninteresting boring names, i
forgot the flowery name they had in the shop display)

After all that food and drink, we decided to walk it off at the mall. Of course, we took some photos too – K-popped! style – such as the one below where we admired the Swatch display.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
K-popped! Trio Liz, Orchid & Rooster
admiring the Swatch display

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Orchid, Rooster & Liz…?
nah, that’s not us. It’s just the Paul Frank window display.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Stay tuned for more K-popped! Trio’s “reunion” updates
next week…

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33 Responses

  1. Liz

    Thanks for the belated wish, Cio :-)

  2. Cio

    mmmmmm yummy!
    dont forget where you ate…
    if i ever find myself in malysia, you guys are going to take me there hehehe :D

    belated happy birthday, Liz :)

  3. Orchid

    @Cheri…thanks for the explanation about The Loaf. Japanese chef…no wonder! Actually i forgot how much those mini cheesecakes cost. I think around RM6 each.

  4. cheri

    Happy Birthday,Liz !
    You guys didn’t eat Korean food this time?
    The Loaf is actually co-owned by Tun Dr Mahathir and a Japanese chef,if I’m not mistaken.
    Btw,how much is the price for those minicakes?

  5. Dottie

    Dear Liz ~ Can’t say it ENOUGH.


  6. Anonymous

    GUUUHH!! yummi spaghetti!!!


    ( i hadn’t have chinese food in like MOTHS!!!)

  7. cowsandlemonade

    Happy Belated B-Day! I’m fasting for Ramadan and completely drooling over the yummy food pics! And the cute ‘cakes’ beat a big b-day cake, you get to try different ones instead of being stuck with a giant one, right (^^)

  8. falisa

    hepi birthday liz!
    may u have the most superb birthday this year and years to come!!

  9. audrey

    oh..my bad..
    happy belated birthday liz..may all ur dreams come true ya!!!

    n keep up the great work!!!

    huggez n muaks (“,)v

  10. Liz

    Thanks shira and yeah the Oysters are really huge…yummy.

    @fraulein, I like Paul Frank too and wanted to buy a shirt once…then I walked into the store, took a look at the price tag and…err, decided not to. :-P

    To all: thanks for the birthday wishes! :-)

  11. Shira

    Happy Blated B’day To Liz! :)
    btw,i tried d the oyster omelet…
    it’s sooo freakin nice!LOL
    wargh,i miss Food Republic so much
    and of course i miss Sam Sam Restaurant.haha x)

  12. wawa

    haish…looking at all the foods really makes me super hungry! especially my favorite fried kuey teow!!! hahahahaha….

  13. Orchid

    @carina: okay okay! medium sized prawns. =)

  14. Orchid

    @fraulein, yeah the Paul Frank store is very nice. The stuff there are so cute. But mega expensive!

  15. fraulein

    Saengil chuka hamnida, Liz ! Here’s wishing you good health, happiness and fulfilment. You forgot Rain’s advice though – no excessive bingeing during Chuseok LOL

    I love Paul Frank, you must bring me to that store when I visit KL.
    Wish we had a dedicated PF store here in SG – not that I know of anywayz.

  16. MimieJay

    Saeng Il Chukahaeyo Liz..

  17. Mambo


  18. Liz

    Hello everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes :-). *hugs* Have a grrreat day today :-).

  19. carina

    how come the “giant prawns” looked more like medium sized shrimps to me?

    sorry for focusing on the food…

    happy birthday, btw!

  20. cyndy

    Seang iL Chuka Habnida

    May your wishES come true.. Be Happy, Stay Healthy & Have a Blast Wonderful Birthday!!!


  21. Jen

    Happy Birthday LIZ!
    Those delicious looking food is making me really hungry.

    Love you gals…the pink positive trio!


  22. noV

    saeng irl chukkae…

  23. Anonymous


    Vic in Arrowbear, CA

  24. peepoo

    happy bday, liz!!! omg, all that yummy food..i’m so jealous and SO hungry! sounds like you gals had a great time.

  25. daisyjane

    Happy Birthday Liz!

  26. blinkable

    리즈씨는 생일 축하합니다!
    많이 행복합니다 ^^
    그리고 여러분 행복한 추석입니다!

  27. YeinJee

    Happy birthday :)

  28. Anonymous

    Food looks delish. Malaysians really know how to enjoy…

  29. Yangsaeng

    Liz 씨,
    생일 축하합니다 !!

  30. wawa

    happy birthday liz!!!!
    may all ur wish come true!!!!
    and have a splendid birthday!!!!

  31. Johan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ! Judging from the entry, you guys seemed to have a really fun time. And yes, sea-ham rocks indeed!

  32. me

    happy birthday liz =)
    btw, i wonder how old are u?

  33. 비비안







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