SGWanna Be treats fans to a nationwide tour

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SGWanna Be 2008 Calendar
I don’t have any resons.
I’ve left them all behind.
I’m in a New York state of mind.

Who’s an SGWanna Be fan? Please introduce me to more of their fab songs. I’ve been listening to only one of their songs over and over again, mesmerized by their rich vocals. The song “Far more than the songs of Beatles (Music is my love)” came pre-loaded with a Samsung mp3 player i received some time back. If you have a favourite SGWanna Be song, please share!

Okay, here’s some news on the Korean crooners. They will be embarking on a Korean tour which starts on 03 Oct. 2008. This nationwide tour is due to the popular request of their fans! The tour kicks off on 03 Oct at the Seoul Olympic park gymnastics stadium.

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