Song Hye Kyo wears her bowl cut with panache

In a world where long hair is synonymous with beauty for a woman, Song Hye Kyo took a bold move and recently cut her long tresses into a “bowl cut”. I must say she wears her bold cut most stylishly. Let the petite actress show you how to wear a bowl cut…check out these recent pics.

Would you opt for a bowl cut?

Stylists fluffed up her bowl cut
for the official Worlds Within poster
Slicked back for a vampy look for Levi’s Lady Style

Stylish and edgy for Levi’s Lady Style (i wonder how many inch heels she’s wearing for that leggy look though)

Add curls at the end for a short and sassy style (Levi’s Lady Style)

Going au naturale at a Laneige event in Singapore