2008 Style Icon Awards

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Most stylish on the orange carpet goes too…Seo In Young!

Korea’s first Style Icon Awards was held on the 30th October at 10pm, Club Answer in Gangnam, Seoul. The award ceremony selected 10 top trend setters in 2008 from cultural, artistic and social spectrum of life.

To make the event different from the rest, the guest arrived on an orange carpet, instead of the usual Red Carpet. Many played it safe and arrived in boring black outfits.

Check out who else was there!

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) arrived stylishly on the orange carpet dressed in an expensive black suit. He wore a round necked t-shirt and scarf to create a laid back look. Although I don’t think the cute bowl cut hairstyle goes with the outfit.

Rain is everywhere these days,
he was at the Style Icon Awards too

Jung Ryu Won in a short
tiered skirt and chunky boots

Keyboardist Jin Bora adds a splash of colour in a
pink satin dress and a Louis Vuitton tote bag.
I wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit…

Mr Crispy Tan – Choo Sung Hoon
arrives in a silver suit

Son Ye Jin in a pretty olive green number

The stylist event was broadcast live on Olive lifestyle TV via tvN and Mnet.

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5 comments on “2008 Style Icon Awards


^ It’s six to five..

And yeah, Rain is really everywhere huh?! Wonder where he’s next? My house perhaps? lol


Orchid, remember the article you guys had, about Rain’s new line of clothing. Something like “Five to Four”, or “Six to Se7en”, or Twelve to Midnite”? The really goofy stuff, that will undoubtedly be a huge hit? That’s what I’m talking about…

Vic in Long Beach, CA


That’s it?! I don’t see any stylish stars at all! Especially not Seo In Young! That outfit is cute, but so boring! And wayyyyy too much makeup!


Which clown costume are you referring to Vic?


SON YE-JIN SON YE-JIN SON YE-JIN!!!! I am so in love!!!

Please tell me Rain didn’t win this award for his clown costume!

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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