Chae Yeon showcases Bequem’s Fall/Winter collection

Singer-turned-entrepreneur Chae Yeon showcased her brand’s Fall/Winter collection of clothes, hats, handbags and shoes on Oct 11.

Speech: ‘Thank you for coming!’

Old habits: ‘Gosh, look at the crowd. Should
I burst out singing now?’

Bequem, which means “comfortable” in German, was launched by the beautiful singer on June 24 this year. The Bequem store is located at Shindang-dong’s SBA Seoul Fashion Center in Seoul. Initially, the line only carried accessories, but it looks like it has quickly expanded to include clothes as well.

Chae Yeon’s good friend Andy was present at the fashion show to lend support…and his starpower. The Shinhwa band member performed at the event :-).

Sing a song: Entertainer extraordinaire
Andy of Shinhwa

Check out Bequem’s fashion style, do you dig it?

Source: Newsen

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