JYP and 2PM make Kimchi together!

It is the eve of the Korean Food Expo 2008 and Park Jin Young and his new boy band 2PM took part in some serious male bonding. They got their hands messy making one of the most famous Korean delicacy – kimchi!

Okay let’s see how they made it!

JYP: An-nyeong-ha-se-yo and welcome to JYP’s kitchen.
I am going to show you how to make Kimchi today!


First you prepare the cabbage by separating the leaves


Trim the unwanted edges…let me bend
over to make sure i do it correctly

Dip the cabbage into the kimchi seasoning like so…


Ah…home made Kimchi! Now how’s that?

The event was held at Seoul Plaza.Other items on the itinerary incorporated agricultural food products exhibitions and performances.

Korean Food Expo 2008 aims to rediscover the value of agriculture, fishery and agricultural food products of Korea. The expo also aims to introduce traditional Korean food to other countries.

Visitors can learn about the process of cultivating rice and the diverse range of rice products, as well as the sea’s abundant marine products, and explore the possibilities of agriculture in the future.

All exhibitions emphasize the environmentally conscious and sustainable cultivation of agriculture. There are also many exhibits that visitors can actively engage in, such as an Agro-Garden, a Brain Food School and a Food Art Therapy Center, as well as a Food Fashion Show.

The food expo runs from 13 – 19 October, 2008. This year’s theme for the expo is “Healthy Food and Beautiful Cuisine“. For more information, go to the Korean Food Expo 2008 official site.

2PM took to stage after making Kimchi


Son Dam Bi performing at the Korean Food Expo


and Wonder Girls performed too!

Pics credit: Newsen

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