Korean pop star Rain introduces fashion brand SIX TO FIVE

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) used to be called a “quadruple threat”. He’s a singer, actor, dancer AND model. Now, you can add entrepreneur to that list. After finishing his 5-year contract under JYP Entertainment and leaving mentor Park Jin Young (JYP), Rain set up his own entertainment company, J Tune Entertainment. Okay, we all know that story.

Now, J Tune Entertainment is also branching out and has a subsidiary company called J Tune Creative (www.jtcreative.co.kr). The 26 year old “World Star”, is delving into one of his personal passions – the fashion industry.

Rain simultaneously makes his 5th album (Rainism) comeback (via the special MBC program Me.Rain.Dance) and showcases the 2009 Fall/Winter collection for his fashion brand “Six to Five”. Actually Rain himself modeled the clothes. He wore this “Six to Five” (식스 투 파이브) ensemble during his tango performance with Kim Su-nah. Recognize it?

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SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009: Rain wore this red
velvet jacket & jeans
ensemble at his comeback show.
The term J Tune Creative coined
for this look is “intelligent vintage style”.

Lee Jong Mi, J Tune Creative’s design team chief said, “The pieces Rain wore at his comeback performance are from the 2009 F/W collection. Street style and classic cuts are mixed to form an overall intelligent vintage style.”


Rain in SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009 dances with Kim Sun-ah
in his 5th album comeback special


Would you wear SIX TO FIVE designs?



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