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  1. i just bought 4 DVD series
    1. 18:29 (rm29.90)
    2. Boys before flower (rm45.90)
    3. Who are you? (rm29.90)
    4. Two outs ninth (rm29.90)

    i found that megamall kuantan sell Korean series very chep. its not PMP, its KBS.. dunno its ori or not, but its absolutely got nice pic..

  2. yo guys.. can you take a look of this list
    1.boys over flower
    2.east of eden
    3.night after night
    4.princess ja myung go
    5.cain and abel
    6.hak gyo-maybe up to 3 part(old drama but i still can’t find information about it, almost all korean actor n actress star in this drama before they become popular)..please find the information for me….

  3. i think you guys need to update this site. there is so many new drama lately. latest that i know is ‘Boys Over Flower’. it’s the Korean version of ‘Hana Yori Dango'(Japanese) or ‘Meteor Garden'(Mandarin). it’s airing this month in Malaysia on KBS World..
    K-Pop hwaiting!!!!

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