Kim Kang-woo is Marine Boy

Oiled up: ‘What are yer lookin’ at? I start my mornings
with 5 raw eggs and a protein shake. Grr….’

Shikgaek star Kim Kang-woo (or Kim Gang-woo, if you like) is set to topline Marine Boy, an action- packed thriller about drug smuggling (no, not a biography on Olympic gold medallist Park Tae-hwan).

Skin-tight: Kim Kang-woo puts on his second skin as Marine Boy

Kim Kang-woo (30) plays a swimming instructor named Cheon-soo who gambles everything away. His moneylender suggests that he become a “marine boy”- smuggle drugs to Japan by swimming across the ocean. He decides to take up the offer to pay off his debts.

To complicate matters, there’s a love triangle between Cheon-soo, his moneylender and Yoo-ri (Park Shi-yeon), who actually harbours a grudge against the cluelss Marine Boy.

Sculpted: The result of lots of hard work

Kim spent 5 months training for the role. His sculpted physique is also the result of a strict diet. By the way, the image of the teaser poster above has received quite a lot of attention from fangirls.

Marine Boy is set to dive into South Korean cinemas in February 2009. Check out the trailer below.

Source: Hankooki

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