K-popped! gets new look for 2009


Do not be alarmed. Yes, you have logged onto the correct website – K-popped!, a site that is passionate about Korean pop culture.

We look a little different now as we’ve just undergone a ‘lil facelift in celebration of the New Year :-).

Jan 1, 2009: K-popped! Version 4.0

For 2009, we thought of making things more “spacious” for our visitors, so we did away with the encapsulating blue background. We hope you like the new look :-).

Jan 1, 2009 (12 am): K-popped! Version 3.0

The K-popped! Trio remains the same and will continue to bring you our take on all things Korean topped with a healthy dose of our sense of humour :-P.

For readers who have been with us since the very beginning (June 2007), you’re looking at K-popped! Version 4.0.

Enjoy and do stick around :-).

Three’s company (Check out K-popped!‘s past looks)