Korean Hair Products

Hey hey hey, how’s everyone doing after the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)?

What did you do over the New Year holidays? It is customary to visit relatives and vice versa (it’s the only time of the year when uninvited relatives come over to our home one after another). I was happily taking a break and did not log onto the Internet for a good three days! Spent most of my free time reading the TWILIGHT series by Stephenie Meyer (and loved it by the way!).

So what did you do over the new years?

Well, i’m back now, and Liz is glued to the tv watching a Rain special on Channel [V]‘s Video Scope!

During our trip to Seoul in November ’08, i brought back Korean hair products from Skin Food. I figured, since Koreans have such nice hair – most of them have a good head of thick black hair no? — their hair products must be worth checking out.

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Skin Food’s Applemango Volume Essence Mist
and Oriental Scalp Tonic

I got the Applemango Volume Essence Mist and Oriental Scalp Tonic. The former is to give my fine hair more volume. You spray the hair mist on dry or semi-dry hair before styling. I love this and it works like a dream. Besides the tangy apple – mango scent is delightful and a great pick-me-up in the mornings!

The Oriental Scalp Tonic on the other hand is for hair loss prevention and hair growth. Yes i could do with more hair! This one has a spicy smell. You spray it onto your scalp and then massage it in. The problem with this hair tonic is that it feels slightly sticky after application. It makes my hair look greasy. So i only use this before showering. I can’t stand the stickiness. I only started using this, so i can’t tell you the results.

A quick visit to one of the Skin Food outlets here in Malaysia tells me that they have the Oriental Scalp Tonic in stock, but not the Applemango Volume Essence Mist.