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Lee Min-ho and girlfriend

Me and my gal: Lee Min-ho (left) with girlfriend

Boys Before Flowers actor Lee Min-ho is seen getting cuddly wuddly with his lady love in some recently leaked sticker photos. Fret not, fans, the photos were taken 4 years ago when the actor was 18. The girl is an ex.

I guess that’s what you get for being famous — people start digging into your past and nothing is left unturned.

Lee Min-ho is currently enjoying success in the highly-popular drama Boys Before Flowers where he plays the leader of F4, Goo Joon-pyo.

Source: Newsen

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15 Responses

  1. i love ur movies and am hoping someday i will sing on stage with u till then goodbye my idol

  2. Elizabeth

    Lee what a nice I wish to see u in nigeria

  3. I hate this girl……..:-(

  4. michelle

    ew what a hell that uglyduckling

  5. SHIT**** used to love him. HE’S UGLY and LUSt-Ful

  6. Taghipoor Shirin

    It is so good…

  7. saranqhae leemin ho…..muaah

  8. Maimai_ting

    Hi lee Minho,I’m a big fan from philippines:)… Hope to see you here..

  9. Why her face has been hide?

  10. HYE_JUN97

    SO SWEET <3

  11. nadiaazizonline

    i want to see her face…

  12. Anonymous

    just go to fashionitstar.com to see her face. shes actually quite cute.

  13. jicks

    That’s not fair! I want to see her face lol

  14. Anonymous

    He looks like Takuya Kimura here.

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