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Lee Min-ho’s had plastic surgery?

Published on March 5, 2009 by in Beauty, Buzz, Dramas
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Did Boys Over Flowers (Boys Before Flowers) star Lee Min-ho (22) go for plastic surgery? But why? Isn’t he perfect already?

Today on Starnews Korea, a picture showing Lee with two plastic surgeons surfaced on the Internet. Why was he at the clinic? What did he get done?

Speculations point to Lee Min-ho’s nose. Well, if you’ve been one (like me) who has admired his high straight perfect nose, it might not be all genes. He might have had some help from the very skillful Korean plastic surgeons. Self appointed detectives revealed that Min-ho had his nose done on 17th December, 2007.

In a recent talk show program featuring celebrities BEFORE and AFTER surgery, a surgeon remarked that it is possible Min-ho went to correct a small bump in his nose.

But in a recent interview, Lee Min-ho mentioned that he has not done any plastic surgery and is in fact 100% natural.

Source: StarNews

More on Lee Min-ho please!

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50 Responses

  1. lee min ho. u r just awzum.n bst. .. i really strtd liking uuh. frm seeing dat. serial. boys over flower.. n i like d way.. u get concious. for jan di.. luv u.

  2. I do not care about these things.
    The important thing is I♥him


  3. I Dont care i love him ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. shreya

    what made me fall in love with BOF was gu jun pyo’s character..the true love of him towards cutie jan di….. which is just a word in this world…he is just awesome

  5. Hilda

    What is wrong wit people.pictures are easily edited.i dont believe dat is lee min ho s picture it may be another actor.i know many actors accused of doing surgery but it turns out they never did.you cant believe everythig you read.

  6. happy

    Come on he was not that much a celebrity or star prior to BBF so that he could be so conscious about nose bump, he didn’t did any surgery it is clearly kim rae in the before picture, see the lips and everything it is kim rae

  7. Anie

    I fell in love with jun pyo in boys before flowers because the character is so sweet and emotional. But as an actor he is quite anogant and big headed. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Mahtab

    It is not important ,i love him

  9. akshara

    i love lee always

  10. Alia_

    i think he’s adorable before and after, it’s not like he changed his whole face!

    love from Dubai <3

    • Awaodigbo Jane

      I think he is okay and cute before and after the so called surgery. let’s not be quick to judge y he did d surgery.

      Love min ho.
      Jennyjams from Nigeria.

  11. Sandie

    Ah shut up hey still look fine ass hell!!! no matter what my love! Before he’s cute after he’s hot ass hell not big different I still love my lee min ho!!!! My super star!! I will see u one day!

  12. diana

    It looks good i see no big difference but he still adorable

  13. Vicente_charmaine

    With or without plastic surgery, I still love Lee Min Ho.
    His having undergone plastic surgery does not bother me at all, if ever he did.
    There is nothing wrong with it. 

  14. W!tch

    whtever he do… i love him v v much…He is so cool n hot… He is the NO. 1……

  15. Suzzanah

    i dont care…. i jst luv him… <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. ice

    I think that before surgery is more beautiful,attractive.Nature is the best.The mind is most important.Be happy!Good luck!Be successful!Try on!

  17. ice

    I think that before surgery is more beautiful,attractive.Nature is the best.The mind is most important.Be happy!Good luck!Be successful!Try on!

  18. Michelle

    I dont care! Lee Min Ho is still my idol!

  19. Michelle

    I dont care! Lee Min Ho is still my idol!

  20. stevanie

    i don’t care about his plastic surgery..go lee minho!

  21. cexie_gaag


  22. cexie_gaag


  23. Michelle

    Who cares? He is not just Lee Min Ho; he is the “Lee Min Ho”, who cares about natural beauty anyway.. I don’t care as long as plastic surgery make one feels better and look better. No problem.

  24. trang

    PLastic surgery or not i could careless! as long as he’s not dead or anything. And if he did get the surgery, it was on my birthday lol
    Lee min ho is smexii

  25. Anonymous

    rumor says that he was to be in High Kick however he got into car accident.

    maybe that is why he did surgery

    you never know

  26. Anonymous

    Agree…he’s a great actor!

  27. Anonymous

    fix or no fix..he is still a great actor and BBF ROCKS!!!

  28. Bri@n

    What’s the big deal here? All the F4 members have had plastic surgery.

  29. amy_meteorgdn

    Is that F4 Jerry Yan?

  30. Liz

    I don’t care, I would fix my nose too if I had the chance. Go Lee Min-ho!

  31. peepoo

    ^^^hmm, the BEFORE photo does look kinda like Kim Rae Won but i don’t buy it…it’s LMH. there’s nothing wrong with a little plastic surgery…why lie about it??? ppl already love the guy….

  32. Anonymous

    The before picture looks like KIM RAE WON. That’s not Lee Min Ho.

  33. Wawa

    sometimes being a celebrity is no fun!
    people keep digging their story non-stop…
    but that’s what they have to pay being a public figure…
    sacrifice their privacy…

    neway, fixing his nose not really a big deal for me!!! i’m ok with it though…

  34. kpop-rubba

    I thought Koreans LOVED humps on noses. Everyone i’ve seen with a hump on their nose Koreans seems to just ogle over their great noses.

  35. Anonymous

    I don’t find much difference between now and when he was a high school student.

    How many guys can look THIS HOT in a high school graduation album?
    Lee Minho looked sooo cool, hot and tough, then.

    The real “Boys over flowers” in highschool


  36. jane

    it’s been a while, k-popped! ^^

    man, so my instincts were rite! his nose seem a bit iffy when he smiled in pics, but shrugged it off since i love his character xD

  37. Anonymous

    it doesn’t matter if he got plastic surgery or not. now days everyone gets them. its not like he did his whole face.

    hes still hot :]]
    and CUTEE.

  38. Dora the Explorer

    I never had an issue with people getting plastic work done. I’m a believer that if plastic surgery will raise your self-esteem and help you advance, then go for it.

    Fortunately for me, I was born very pretty and any plastic surgery would be redundant. Afterall, you can’t improve perfection.

  39. Orchid

    @Debbie, maybe they checked the clinic’s appointment books! * scary *

  40. Debbie

    How the heck did they narrow the date down to Dec 17??? I’m impressed.

    MinHo is still DAMN FINE in my book! :D

  41. Bri@n

    That super straight nose can’t be natural. He’s had work done!!!

  42. Orchid

    * Orchid waves to Babelhead *

    hey nice to hear from ya!

  43. babelhead

    WoW. Those netizens are scary good. No one can hide from them. I think the CIA should hire them.

  44. Anonymous

    no wonder…i always thought there was something fishy about his perfectly straight nose whenever i watched BoF.

    my brother’s nose bump is more bigger than LMH’s. haha. it’s sad.

  45. daisyj

    I don’t mind if he’s had some enhancements done. He’s still hawt in my books!

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