Where to eat Jajangmyeon in Seoul?

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Where do you find a decent bowl of Jajangmyeon in Seoul?

When we went to Seoul, we really wanted to taste Jajangmyeon.

Jajangmyeon or Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) is a dish made up of noodles cooked in black bean paste. It’s unique to Korea and no other “black noodles” can substitute it. Although we do have noodles cooked in dark soya sauce here in Malaysia called “Hokkien mee” and you also have “konloh mee”, it is simply not the same!

Jajangmyeon is a popular dish and is
often featured in Korean dramas.
In Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun-hye and the late Lee Eon
had a Jajangmyeon
eating competition in the first episode.

However, Jajangmyeon is not served at Korean restaurants (it is also difficult to find it on the menu at Korean restaurants here). We remember our Korean language teacher telling us that Jajangmyeon is a popular dish at Korean – Chinese restaurants! So yeah, go to a Chinese restaurant when in Seoul for a taste of this dish.

We found this Chinese restaurant at Co-ex mall and the noodle is actually quite delicious. They provide a pair of scissors so you can cut the long strands for easier consumption. The black bean paste is called “chungjang”.

It is also customary for singles to partake in Jajangmyeon on Black Day (April 14th).

Ye-won Chinese restaurant at Co-ex mall, Seoul
A bowl of Jajangmyeon cost 5,000 KRW (about USD5)
Ahh…finally Liz, Orchid and Rooster get a taste of Jajangmyeon

Mix it all up, cut noodles with scissors provided, and dig in!