F4 Special Edition (After Story) MV

Lee Min-ho: “Hey guys, hurry up with the filming, i’ve gotta leave
the country for an overseas CF shoot -빨리!”

Since Boys before Flowers – the Korean drama was such a huge hit, they have decided to release a 25-minute music video portraying what happens five years after the drama left off. Aiyah….WE WANT A MOVIE yes? 😉 Not 25 minutes without Geum Jandi!

Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon got together (my guess is for a day of shooting) to bring you this music drama (extended music video). It was reported that the music drama was filmed in secret – i guess they did not want the fans to disrupt and perhaps delay the shooting because we all know the boys are extremely busy.

Release date : April 28
Find the special edition Music Drama on www.mnet.com

Source: Artsnews

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