Gu Hye Sun (구혜선)

Hidden beneath the pretty innocent face, flawless fair skin and huge eyes, Gu Hye Sun is an accomplished actress blessed with many talents.

Best known for her lead role in Boys Before Flowers as the spunky Geum Jan-di, Gu can sing, draw and has published a novel. Now that isn’t all, she has even written and directed a short film entitled The Cheerful Caretaker (유쾌한 도우미). Gu who can hold her own on the piano, also wrote the theme song for her short film.

Gu Hye Sun’s book is entitled Tango and it is a fiction, based on the memories of her own bittersweet first relationship. The Seoul Art College alumni also illustrated the book cover and the book comes with around 40 of her own illustrations. It was published on March 31, 2009 and she worked on her book while she was in the middle of filming Boys Before Flowers.

Gu made her debut in 2002 in a CF advertising computers 삼보컴퓨터 슬림PC. She has since added a long string of dramas to her credit, hosted music program SBS Inkigayo (2006 – 2007), hosted the SBS Drama Award 2007 and sang the theme song for her drama Pure 19.

Let’s get to know the very talented and artistic Gu Hye Sun.

Date of birth: 09 November 1984
Birth place:
Seoul, South Korea



Father, Mother, Older sister

Blood type:

Talent agency:
YG Entertainment


  • Shin Chon Elementary School
  • Bu Pyeong Dong Elementary School
  • Bu Heung Middle School
  • Bu Pyeong Girls’ High School
  • Seoul Art College


  • Boys Before Flowers (KBS 2009)
  • Strongest Chil Woo (KBS 2008)
  • The King and I (SBS 2005)
  • Pure 19 (KBS 2006)
  • Ballad of Suh Dong (SBS 2005)
  • Drama City 다함께차차차(KBS 2005)
  • Nonstop 5 (MBC 2004)
  • Drama City 아나그램 (KBS 2004)

TV Programs:

  • 2006 SBS Inkigayo MC


  • August Rush (cameo, 2007)
    Gu Hye Sun and Tablo made a cameo appearance in this Hollywood movie starring Robin Williams.
Gu Hye Sun illustrated the cover of her book – Tango

Sources: Dramawiki, Gu Hye Sun official website, Dramabeans

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