2NE1 makes their debut with Fire

Introducing 2NE1

YG Entertainment’s female group 2NE1 makes their debut this month with the song Fire. Competition for Wonder Girls?

With JYP‘s Wonder Girls enjoying success in Korea and much of Asia and gaining momentum in the USA market, YG (creator of Big Bang) isn’t going to rest on his laurels and let everyone do the Tell Me dance! He has groomed and produced 2NE1 – pronounced “twenty one” . “NE” stands for “New Evolution” and “21” signifies the 21st century. So the name 2NE1 means 21st Century New Evolution.

YG’s marketing strategy? Let Big Bang introduce 2NE1…so they were featured in Big Bang’s Lollipop music video last month.

They have released two versions of the Fire music video. A street version and a space version. Check it and tell us which you prefer. Do you think they will dominate the Korean pop music scene?

2NE1’s debut single Fire (Street Version MV). GDragon appears at 3:21

2NE1’s debut single Fire (Space Version MV)

Big Bang featuring 2NE1 – Lollipop MV (with English subtitles)

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6 comments on “2NE1 makes their debut with Fire


I like the space version better because there’s more variety. Like the cool glasses, Indian dancing, the giant playing cards.
Their sound is really fun.
They’re just like a female version of Big Bang with all the computerized sound effects and bright clothing….but I like it!


i love 2ne1 more than other girls group now!
and no doubt there is still something about things here and there
for example….the street ver i dont really adore what bommie is wearing
and for space me no likey minji’s neat hair in it
overall is still love street version because of the kwon leader yoh!


CL ROCKS!! I’m loving this girl group more than any of the others out there! Fresh, new, innovative. 2NE1 ftw!


i like both versions and i love CL’s hair!! ^_^_^


2NE1 was really good!!! I love their song, Fire. It’s so catchy!


I love both versions. Their sound is so fresh and different from other girl groups. I can’t wait for them to put out a full album.


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