Kwon Sang-woo opens Tea’Us in Myeongdong

Drink up: ‘Tea’Us makes the best coffee and
tea in town.’

Going to Seoul, Korea? Then make sure you mosey your way over to Kwon Sang-woo’s newly-opened café called Tea’Us in Myeongdong.

The Hallyu star, along with some of his friends, pooled their resources to open the café that serves coffee, tea, waffles and gelato. The establishment was opened to the public on May 16 at 3pm.

Perfect blend: ‘How do I work this machine already?
Where’s the “On” button?’

The 33-year-old actor was present at the launch of the café and spoke to the press about his new joint venture.

Why did he choose the name Tea’Us? Well, according to the actor, he became well known throughout Japan and the rest of Asia through the drama Stairway to Heaven.

Due to the drama, fans nicknamed him the Prince of Tears because of his character who cries at the drop of a hat. He wanted to remember that in a good way, thus he named the café Tea’Us, which sounds like “Tears”.

Choices, choices: ‘Go ahead, order anything you want…
on the menu that is.’

Enough about the origins of Tea’Us. Now that it’s opened, will you be visiting the café for a cuppa soon? Who knows, maybe Mr. Kwon himself will be making your cup of coffee – whoo hoo!

Order: ‘Yup, one hazelnut macchiato
coming right up!’

Something extra: ‘Would you like that with or without the
Kwon Sang-woo personal touch?’

Coffee fix: ‘Ahh, great cuppa (but dang it,
I forgot the sugar).’

Source: Newsen

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  1. the first person to drink KSW’s coffee must be himself coz he has to test the flavor and taste. no fans would be the first person.

  2. the first person to drink KSW coffee must be KSW himself, no need to be the first person. coz we dont be able to be first. he himself is the first to drink his own self DIY coffee

  3. seems like korean artist now in a ‘mood’ of opening a shop… micky tvxq just opened a gelato’s cafe and now sang-woo oppa???

  4. So Mr “in dire straits after getting married” is making coffee now? LOL

  5. The shop unit was still hoarded up for reno when I walked past about 2 and a half weeks ago. I wanted to peek but there was nothing to see :p

    Ermm isn’t he a lil underdressed for the occasion?

  6. hmm…. wer exactly is it?? mayb i went there for a trip, can drop by… 🙂

    • [i]”sangwoo kwone, the Tea-Us cafe owner”
      Seoul-si Jung-gu Chungmuro2-ga 65-9 Tabby 2F

      Seoul Jung-gu Chungmuro 2-ga, 65-9 Hi Harriet Building 2F[/i]

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