Lee Min Ho on T-money cards

One good reason to live in Korea…to have Min-ho
smiling back at you every time you make a payment.

T-money card issuers have signed with Korea Smart Card and Etude House’s Lee Min-ho (from Boys Before Flowers fame) to design a special Limited Edition card. What kind of card would that be you might ask? Well, Lee Min-ho’s handsome face on the card, what else!

The T-money cards can be used as payment and transportation cards in Korea. T-money card payment service partners with Etude House to celebrate its 1 million production on May 1st. It is hoped that this special limited edition Lee Min-ho Etude House T-money cards will entice women to get the card. It’s a marketing strategy…that i think would certainly work! If i were in Korea, i would definitely want that Min-ho T-money card! GIMME THAT CARD!

Source: JKnews

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