Dong Bang Shin Ki's MIROTIC concert in Bangkok

Xiah and Micky on stage in Bangkok.

DBSK (TVXQ) are in the middle of their 3rd Asia Concert Tour – Mirotic.

One of Korea’s longest standing boy bands Dong Bang Shin Ki are still going strong. They performed at Impact Arena in Bangkok on the 27 and 28 June, 2009. The arena was filled with 30, 200 screaming fans. DBSK kicked off their Mirotic tour in Seoul this February and the show in Bangkok had the same stage setup complete with giant screens and state of the art sound system. Only the best for their fans right? The fans in Thailand got a good dose of their idols.

DBSK sang songs from their Mirotic album such as Wrong Number and Crazy Love. They also sang songs from their older albums Rising Sun, HUG and Balloons.

Xiah Junsu performed XIAHTIC much to the fans’ delight. However, he was supposed to perform it with SHINee‘s Key, but the latter was busy promoting his own single Juliet elsewhere. Guess who stood in for Key? None other than Xiah’s own bandmate Micky Yoochun. Fans were surprised and excited when Micky took over the rap parts in XIAHTIC.

Dong Bang Shin Ki (i just like the sound of their name pronounced in Korean. Of course they are also known as TVXQ in Mandarin/Chinese) is scheduled to perform in Japan’s Tokyo Dome on the 4th and 5th of July! Watch out for them!

DBSK are hot stuff!

Rising gods of the east? Yes, that’s who we are!

Fun time!

Now look at that huge fancy stage for the guys to prance around on.
And huge mosh pits for loads of fun.

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17 comments on “Dong Bang Shin Ki's MIROTIC concert in Bangkok

Haney Fateha

ouh boy.. i miss them!!! so much.. sobs :'(


Hi all!
Does anyone know which website that we can find the next Perform Schedule of TVXQ concert. We would like to come to TVXQ concert, but we don't know where, when the TVXQ will perform their concert. Thanks for your concern!


actually its not that pricey to fly to bkk. i went there just for the concert. airasia tiqs cost less than 230. the tiqs r pricey thou… n its a b*tch trying to get a taxi after the concert from impact arena. but hey… it was awesome! ull never get that kinda feeling here in msia.


@Hurul Aini, Liz reviewed the TVXQ concert in Malaysia on Nov. 24, 2007


I heard that the last concert in Malaysia, the sound system is very bad…not to mention the stage management not that good either….no wonder they didn't choose to come to Malaysia anymore…

i'm looking forward to their next concert…..biar makan maggi, asal ku jumpa mereka sekali….hahaha…lol


Organizer suffer loss in Malaysia? never knew that… I thought 12000 tickets sold was quite a profit already.. anyway, DBSK popularity increases tremendously lately. Mirotic album was a blast.. I'm a new fan myself and I'm malaysia. I'll definately go if they are having concert here.. not forgeting to drag a few friends with me lol

|| Lyññ ||

*sobs* No money to go!! Tickets expensive! Flight price so-so… Lodging osso so-so… Add up everything plus expenses… ARK! Mahal!!

@Spazzy: Oh I didn't know that it wasn't sold out… I guess the venue was not good so ppl didn't bother going? Stadium merdeka is not a good place… Jalil indoor stadium is smaller and can extend the stage area… Sure sell out!


I guess Malaysians have to save money and fly to Bangkok to attend DBSK's concert!


Thai is k-pop biggest market outside korea…


I went for both nights.

Thai Cassies are AMAZING. I think their dedication and warmth are second only to Korean Cassies.

The boys were obviously moved and gave 200%.


i'm soo soo soo regreted this time i did not able to attend bangkok stop although i went to seoul last feb…. YOSUU!! T.T
and for malaysia, i wont hope much for them to come..


Stage smells amazingly…


* lynn

the concert never sold out. organisers suffer loss twice too so no one dare take up tvxq concert anymore. the msia fans force are simply not strong as thai.

|| Lyññ ||

Why did they stop coming to Malaysia?? they had sold out concerts in Malaysia TWICE! sold out right? haha… I know the expensive tickets were snapped up immediately… I wanna see them live!! not on TV or though the computer… *sobs*

Lee Soo Man! You can suck up our money in Malaysia! lol…


wawa- concurred!!

Babyboss Pictures

Eh, the stage looks quite the same as the one they had in Malaysia in 2007.


how i wish Malaysia is one of the stop… huhuhu! i really really wanna see my biggest obsession live!!! huhu


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