Lady Gaga goes to Seoul…

…and the Korean press gets a gratuitous shot of her butt thanks to her haute couture ensemble by Tokyo-based designer Dress Camp.

Go Ga Ga: Lady Ga Ga shows off
her…er, golden globes


Choker: ‘I’m alright folks, still breathing.’

The rather…er, out-of-this-world pop singer appeared to the press on Wednesday (June 17) during her three-day promotional trip to Seoul. This was her first visit to South Korea.

Blinded: ‘Dang, where’s the chair? I can’t see
clearly with these sunnies on.’

The 23-year-old also held a showcase that evening at Cheongdam-dong’s Club Answer.

Born Joanne Stefani Germanotta, the Poker Face singer was also interviewed by 2PM’s Jaebeom for Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News programme (pic below).

Jaebeom, the lead singer and oldest member (at 22) of 2PM, conducted the interview with the lady-who-doesn’t-like-to-put-on-pants in English as he was born in Seattle, Washington.

I wonder if he went “Ga Ga” over her outfit ;-P.

Fashion: ‘Yeah, I just grabbed the nearest trash bag I could find
and fashioned it into the shawl-like thingy you see here.’

Sources: Newsen & Korea Times

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