Super Junior at 20th Golden Melody Awards

Super Junior on the Red Carpet at the
20th Golden Melody Awards, Taipei [Pic credit: Osen]

The thirteen member Korean boyband Super Junior performed at the 20th Golden Melody Awards at Taipei Arena, Taiwan last night. The awards ceremony was broadcast live on television. Did you catch them performing?

Fans in Taiwan were ecstatic and cheered loudly as Super Junior walked down the Red Carpet. On the Red Carpet they sang “Sorry Sorry” for a bit when the Red Carpet host and hostess asked them to do so. This is SuJu’s second visit to Taipei. Their first visit was when they attended the 18th Golden Melody awards in 2007.

SuJu performed It’s You and Sorry Sorry at the awards. They were dressed in spiffy white suits and black shirts and fans cheered loudly as they danced to the awesome choreography of Sorry Sorry.

Super Junior presenting an award with Ariel Lin



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3 comments on “Super Junior at 20th Golden Melody Awards


its actually 12 minus Kibum.
Sungmin not in the red carpet coz he hurts his knee during Music Bank but he's there during the perf.


Actually it's 11. Where'd the other 2 go? hehe! ^^
They look good! Though I'm still not getting Yesung's hair. why? haha!

|| Lyññ ||

I watched!! The awards show started early! Thank goodness I turned on the TV earlier… haha… SuJu was on!! Loved their performance… The fake SuJu were funny too! hehe… Plenty PLENTY of ELFs were there too… I didn't watch the Red Carpet… Youtube!! =)


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