JYP sends 2PM to Malaysia for 2009 MTV Asia Awards

So, you heard it too, right? 2PM is coming to Malaysia for the 2009 MTV Asia Awards (which apparently will be held at Sunway Lagoon, Subang Jaya).

Coming soon: Get ready, Malaysia. Set your watches to 2PM.

We got the news from 2PM‘s boss himself – Mr. JYP, who is currently busy touring with his precious Wonder Girls.

Thanks to the Asian Soul’s diligence in updating the public through Twitter, everyone who is worth their K-popped! salt has been receiving juicy revelations on the latest happenings from the JYP Entertainment camp, such as:

1) The Wonder Girls were scheduled to open for some of the Jonas Brothers’ concerts in the US. The girls proved to be so good that they had the JoBros singing, “We want nobody, nobody but YOU (to open for our entire US tour…and oh, Canada too)!”

Wonderful: Wonder Girls are wow-ing the Americans

2) Since JYP is tied up touring with the Wonder Girls, he apologised for not being able to make it to the 2009 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia(!). However, he appeased all K-popped!-hungry fans by saying that he’s “sending 2PM” over to our neck of the woods – brilliant!

Allow me to quote the man: “Sorry cuz of the Jonas Brothers tour we can’t go to da MTV asian awards in Malaysia. But I’m sending 2pm so don’t b too sad!

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