Health & Beauty: Home made vegetable masks

I found an article in the Korea Times about making your own masks using fruits and veggies to help clean and refresh your skin after a day out in the hot sun.

According to a beautician quoted in the article she recommends using grapes, tomatoes, bananas or lettuce instead of the more commonly used cucumbers and potatoes.


‘ “Lettuce contains lots of vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, calcium as well as essential amino acids that calm your skin,” she said. It softens the skin’s tone, which is usually toughened and darkened due to repeated sun exposure.

Peptine in tomatoes brightens your skin, she added, while grapes have lots of vitamins and minerals that help “revitalize” your skin. The sugar, protein, fat and vitamins of bananas keep your skin moist and clear, she said.

– The Korea Times

Lettuce toner:
Blend 60 grams of lettuce and 30 milliliters of stilled water with a mixer. Filter the liquid twice: first with a piece of gauze, then with a coffee filter. Apply to the face as often as needed and keep stored in a refrigerator.

Tomato mask pack:
Blend one tomato, setting aside two spoonfuls for later use. Add flour to the mixture. Apply the mix onto a clean face and cover with a piece of gauze. Place the remaining two spoonfuls of blended tomato juice on top of the gauze. Leave the mask on for about 30-50 minutes, and then carefully remove the gauze. Use a warm towel to wipe off any excess, then a cold towel for a refreshing finish.

Grape Pack:
Take 10 grapes, one large spoonful of yogurt and blend them in a mixer. For dry skin, add flour or grain powder. For oily skin, add oatmeal powder. Wash your face and then apply the mixture to your face abundantly. Cover with a piece of gauze and leave the mask on for 40 minutes. Wipe off the mask with a warm towel, then a cool one.

Banana shower gel:
Take one banana, 40 grams of seaweed, two spoonfuls of a grain powder and 200 milliliters of milk. Dampen the seaweed in water for at least one hour and wash it until all the salt is removed.

Blend the ingredients in a mixer. Apply it to the body and leave it for at least 10 minutes washing it off.


I tried the tomato pack recipe as it is the easiest to make. I think my skin is not suited for this mask. I have very sensitive skin.

I found that the juice of 1/4 of a tomato was sufficient to make the mask. I did not use gauze as directed because it got a little challenging to apply gauze while tomato paste was sliding all over my face. The directions also stated to leave the mask on for 30-50mins, but the tingling sensation got too much and so I washed it off after 15mins. My skin does feel clean and fresh, BUT there are a few spots that turned red and itched! The irritation subsided about 10 mins later. So those of you with sensitive skin – you’ve been warned! Tomatoes are not for everyone.

The verdict
I’d rather eat my fruits and veggies!

Source: The Korea Times


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