Home cooked Korean fare at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant

You know how we Malaysians wonder about the dish washer at Korean restaurants? There are always so many dishes to wash. The banchan (side dishes) spread alone takes up, like, half the dining table.

Did you know that if you dine as a party of two or more, you’ll be served 10 different banchan dishes? However, if you’re dining alone, you’ll be served 4 banchan dishes. Phew!

Plenty: Dolsot bibimbap (foreground) and banchan
dishes (background)

We aren’t sure about other restaurants, but this is the rule of thumb at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur.

Both Orchid and I were invited by Daisy Choi, the public relations manager of Han Sung Restaurant for a sumptuous home cooked meal one Saturday evening. The menu that you get at the restaurant is actually lovingly created by Daisy’s Mom herself.

All in the family: Daisy Choi (right) PR manager of Han Sung
with the restaurant’s head chef, her Mom

“Mom is the chef here and she loves to experiment with new recipes. Our sun dae (순대) is the original. It’s a popular dish and other Korean restaurants try to imitate it,” Daisy reveals during dinner.

Sun dae is actually a sausage made of bean curd and green-bean sprouts stuffed in pig intestines. Err…yum?

The family restaurant provides a relaxing ambience with delicious food to boot. Orchid supped on a generous bowl of Dolsot Bibimbap (덜섯 비빔밥, RM12) while I stuffed my faced with the very satisfying Bulgogi Dopbap (불고기 덮밥, RM12).

Yummylicious: Try the bulgogi dopbap – the thin slices of
beef marinated in soy sauce is heaven

“My Mom and Dad have been in Malaysia for the past 20 years,” says Daisy. “Our restaurant was initially located at Jalan Imbi. We were there for 15 years before moving to Desa Sri Hartamas in 2007.”

Currently, Han Sung runs like clockwork. Chef Mom has 7 cooks to help her in the kitchen and the restaurant has a steady flow of regular patrons.

Fried Fish Set: You’ve gotta pre-order this special dish if you want it.
It’s called 생선튀김세트(saeng seon dwigim seteu) or the Fried Fish Set

Apart from serving authentic home cooked Korean fare, Han Sung also sells kimchi – the must-have dish on every Korean dining table. A Korean meal would not be complete without the spicy dish. The ever-popular baekchu (cabbage) kimchi is sold at RM27 for 3kg.

At Han Sung Restaurant, you have an array of healthy Korean food. You can have the usual kimchi fried rice or bibimbap, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try the interesting seafood soup (해물탕) or even the sun dae (순대).

And if soju isn’t your cup of tea, try the very refreshing Korean pear juice (갈아만든 배) drink, which is a mildly sweet concoction that guarantees to quench your thirst.


Refreshing: A tall, cold glass of Korean pear juice…
you can get it for free! Keep reading to find out how.

Han Sung Restaurant is having a promotion from Aug 22 to Sept 22. Check out the fancy gifts you’ll receive for FREE when you dine-in at the restaurant!

• RM60 and above: 2 glasses of Korean pear juice
• RM100 and above: 1 box of Korean Green Tea (25 sachets)
• RM200 and above: 1 set of Korean fridge magnet and keychain
• RM300 and above: 1 box of Korean Ginseng Tea (50 sachets)
• RM500 and above: 2 bottles of soju

Apart from that, if you drop by Han Sung Restaurant for lunch, don’t forget to try the sumptuous lunch set at RM12 nett!

안녕하세요!: A lovely lady in Hanbok invites
you to Han Sung

To our Muslim friends, we regret to inform you that Han Sung is a non-halal restaurant.

Get there:
No. 35 Jalan 23/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas 50480
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60362031065

Blog: http://hansungrestaurant.blogspot.com/

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