Rain on CNN Talk Asia 2009

Rain talks to CNN’s Ana Coren on Talk Asia

Rain‘s interview on CNN Talk Asia will be aired at 9:30pm, 28 October 2009. CNN anchor woman Ana Coren will be interviewing the 27 year-old Korean pop sensation.

In the interview, Rain will talk about being selected as 2007 100 Most Influential People on Time magazine. Rain said “I was so surprised to hear of the news and could not believe it. I was very excited. I think my involvement in Hollywood movies have given me many opportunities.”

Rain also talks about his 2008 movie Speed Racer and up and coming movie (in which is stars in the lead role) – Ninja Assassin.

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) came from humble beginnings. He was a shy child and suffered difficult times especially when his mother died when he was 18. Even at a young age, Rain loved to dance and used to study the moves of his idol – the late Michael Jackson. Times were tough and he went for so many unsuccessful auditions. But things finally changed when he met producer Park Jin-young (JYP).

Rain last appeared on CNN’s Talk Asia in 2005. At that time, he could not speak English fluently and had to use a translator. From the stills, it sure looks as if Rain spoke in English in the interview. Find out tomorrow…

Rain’s dream of conducting an interview on CNN’s Talk Asia in English…
has become a reality?