South Koreans are friendlier to Western tourists?

Results of a survey conducted by the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute show that South Koreans are more hospitable towards Western tourists compared to their Asian counterparts.

Visitors from 16 countries took a survey during the first half of 2009. Of the 5,822 participants, tourists from Western countries gave Koreans high points for hospitality while tourists from Asian countries gave them a lower rating.

Malaysian tourists: Rooster (left) and Orchid en route to Namsan

The Germans (79.7%) and French (77.9%) think South Koreans are friendly, followed by the British (77.1%), Americans (73%) and Australians (71.4%).

Meanwhile, tourists from Asia gave a lower rating: Taiwan (32.8%), Thailand (48.9%), Japan (48.6%) and Hong Kong/Singapore (44.5%). This suggests that Koreans are selective when it comes to showing hospitality.

I believe this happens in Malaysia too. Friends have lamented how Malaysians can be all smiley and kind towards the Mat Salleh (white guys) but show a long face towards fellow Malaysians/ Asians. Sigh.

For health and vitality: Don’t forget to eat fruits even in
a foreign land. Rooster buys oranges.

Nonetheless, when the K-popped! Trio were in Seoul last November, we didn’t run into any particularly rude person…. Maybe there was that street food ajumma who fleeced Orchid and I and there was that waitress who was a little moody…but Koreans were generally friendly to us Malaysian gals.

An ajusshi even directed Orchid and I to a more happening tourist spot when we were walking about aimlessly, and who can forget the friendly (and efficient) staff at Doulos Hotel?

What about you, do you have a gripe (or praise) about hospitality in South Korea?

Source: The Korea Herald

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