US TV gets Korean dramas

This is especially for those living in North America.

Starting Jan 2010, MHz Worldview starts airing Korean TV dramas and feature length films from YA Entertainment every Thursday during prime time.

Yes, they will be subtitled in English.

On US TV and DVD: Some K drama & movie titles for
the K-popped! masses

Dramas include The Grand Chef, I Love You, Someday, Alone In Love and Freeze. Meanwhile, films include Lover’s Concerto, My Beautiful Days, My Little Bride, Peppermint Candy, Singles and Turning Gate.

MHz Networks is an independent, non-commercial television broadcaster that serves the Washington, DC area’s 4.9mil residents with 10 local broadcast channels.

The Korean programmes will also be available via DVD at the MHZ Networks online shop.

Do you have the MHz Network? (Hit the link to check).

To check out other titles available from YA Entertainment, hit this link.




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