Kim Ha-eun (김하은)

Isn’t she absolutely adorable in Chuno? Yes, she can be a little whiny as Seolhwa in The Slave Hunters but I find her cute most of the time.

Kim Ha-eun, who portrays a young prostitute in KBS’ highly popular sageuk drama, has been in the entertainment industry for six years but fame has eluded her…until now. The 26 year old struck gold when she bagged the role of Seolhwa.

In 2009, Ha-eun received a copy of the Chuno script by chance and immediately fell in love with Seolhwa. The actress, who is signed under JYP Entertainment, tried to impress the drama’s PD Kwak Jung-hwan by writing a 50-page analysis on her character! He was unimpressed and believed she didn’t have what it takes to portray the character.

Ha-eun did not give up and continued to hope that PD Kwak would give her the role since he had chosen her for the female lead in Conspiracy in the Court, another KBS drama. Conspiracy in the Court was a disaster and ratings were so low that no one noticed her.

While waiting for the producers to call, the determined talent took it upon herself to learn the haegeum (Korean traditional instrument) and taryung (Korean traditional singing), all the while unsure whether she would get the part in Chuno. As it turned out, her efforts paid off when two actresses who were cast for the role dropped it.

Ha-eun is now catapulted into the limelight and we hope she stays there.

Name: Kim Ha-eun (김하은)
Real name: Kim Hyun-jin (김현진)
Date of birth: Jan 3, 1984
Height: 164cm
Weight: 45kg
Education: Dongduk Women’s University

TV Dramas:
Chuno / The Slave Hunters (2010)
Hometown Legends (2008)
Single Dad in Love (2008)
Drama City (Episode: North Koreans to Come Out of Hiding, 2007)
Seoul’s Sad Song (2007)
Sea God (2006)

A.P.T (2006)
Love In Magic (2005)
Public Enemy (2002)

Sources: Dahee’s Plastic Castle & Newsen



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2 comments on “Kim Ha-eun (김하은)


She reminds me of the Malaysian TV announcer, Belinda Chee… Both have bright personalities… 🙂


yupp,i kinda like her in chuno!
she so cute though a bit annoying by tailing my daegil opps,hahha..
i love the scene where she plays the korean instrument and making the animals sounds,hahha!


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