Rain holds Back to the Basic press conference

Talk, talk: ‘Yes, my album’s great. In my MV, I
tear my shirt and show off my torso.’

South Korean superstar Rain held a press conference at the Viking Buffet, KT Building in Seoul today (Apr 5).

Photo time: ‘No, no you won’t get a pic
of me without my shirt on today.’

It has been almost 8 years since Rain’s debut in May 2002 and while the singer has achieved much within those years, he has decided to go “back to the basic” for his special mini album.

Love Song is the first track released off of the album Back to the Basic, which marks Rain’s return to the Kpop music scene after a two-year absence.

Hello!: Happiness is walking into a room
filled with…journalists? 😛


Great sales: ‘Yes, pre-booking for the mini album is
skyrocketing. I’m hawt.’


Quenched: ‘Man, all that talk about ripping my shirt off makes
me thirsty.’


Mini table: ‘So I get a mini table when I’m
realeasing a mini album? Whoo hoo!’


Forgetful: ‘Gosh, I need to write these questions
down. Getting old these days.’

Source: Newsen

Rain’s Love Song MV

Rain kisses Han Ye-seul in Love Song
Rain sings Love Song to get Back to the Basic


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