Live chat with Wonder Girls on GOOM Radio

Live chats are the way to go these days, huh? Would you like to have a conversation with JYP’s Wonder Girls (WG)?

If you said yes, and you’re living in the States, listen up. The quintet will be on GOOM Radio ( on Thursday (May 13) between 7pm – 9pm EST for an interview. WG will answer questions from fans during the live show.

Nobody but WG!: Don’t miss your chance to talk
to the Wonder Girls

Malaysians, if I converted the time correctly, you can join the chat session on Friday (May 14) at 7am – 9am!

Fans from around the world are invited to phone in at (201) 332-5980 or Skype by calling “ZangRadio”.

This effort to bring WG closer to the fans is a collaboration between GOOM Radio and

If you’re tuning in, send WG our regards…and please tell them Malaysia loves them <3!

Watch the video of the radio interview here!

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