MTV Korea introduces Idol United

With the onset of World Cup fever, global music entertainment channel MTV Korea has put together an idol football (soccer) team named Idol United (IU). The celebrity team is made up of members from various idol groups in South Korea.

Idol United, fighting!: ‘See you on the pitch’

They are MBLAQ’s Mir, Seungho and Lee Joon; U-KISS’ Alexander, Eli & Kiseop; ZE:A’s Jung Heechul, Park Hyungsik & Kim Dongjoon; F.CUZ’s Jinon, LeeU & Kan and D-NA’s Garam, Hyunmi & Injoon.

Director of IU is comedian Yoo Sang-moo while the team’s manager is singer/actress Sungeun, who also takes on the role of a cheerleader.

Sing: ‘I can even entertain you during half-time.’

The MTV Korea website ( will be receiving applications from amateur soccer teams from universities to compete against IU. Application to play against IU ends on June 20 and MTV Korea is looking for 5 teams.

Also, USD200 will be donated to charity with every goal scored by IU. Kick off is on May 22. Whoot!

Pretty manager: Sungeun is all set to give the
boys that much-needed push

Source: Newsen


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