[Exclusive] Nikki was almost disqualified!

K-popped! Exclusive

Nikki Cheangmay have bagged the Special Prize for Outstanding Performance at Malaysia’s inaugural Korean Wave Contest (KWC) but did you know that she was nearly disqualified from the competition?

“I arrived late and the organizers almost disqualified me,” she said in an exclusive with K-popped! “I just returned from Johor Baru this morning so I was late for the call time.”

Crowd pleaser: Little did many know that Nikki was
almost disqualified

It’s a good thing that the organizers did not bar the choreographer / professional dancer from taking the stage because Nikki proved that she was a force to be reckoned with.

The petite lass from Kuala Lumpur blew the crowd away when she danced to Taeyang’s Wedding Dress. She didn’t place in the Top 3, but Nikki’s performance was so impressive that the organizers awarded her a special tour package to South Korea!

“I’m so excited about that, and I really want to go (South Korea). The furthest I’ve been to is Singapore so this is great.”

Nikki, who has been winning talent competitions since 2003, has added another feather to her illustrious cap. Congratulations, girl!

Much admired: Nikki (center) is flanked by KWC’s
2nd Runner-up Chromed L

KWC’s winners’ list

KWCis a competition inspired by the rise of the Hallyu in Malaysia. It pits Kpop-influenced talents against each other for prizes and the opportunity to get noticed. It is organized by Korea Tourism Organization.


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