Rain’s ideal girl is Im Soo-jung

So it’s out of the bag. Rain’s ideal woman is none other than his I’m A Cyborg, but that’s OK co-star Im Soo-jung!

The 28 year old, who shared a steamy kiss with the actress in the 2006 flick, said that he likes Soo-jung (26) because she has depth and a great sense of humor. Also, he thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the Park Chan-wook film.

Vying for attention: ‘Hey Soo-jung, wanna go out on a date with me?
I have fantastic, strong shoulders.’

Kang Ho-dong, who is the host of the SBS program Strong Heart, then asked Rain to send a message to Soo-jung.

Rain said: “How are you, Im Soo-jung? I’ve made my comeback with an album and am busy with activities as a singer. We should do dinner sometime.”

Phwoarr! A date request on national TV! Girl, if I were you, I’d be crazy not to say yes.

Source: Naver

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