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MAADUU.com : Malaysia’s first on-demand Korean drama site!

Published on July 11, 2010 by in Dramas
MAADUU serves Premium Asian Dramas On-Demand

Boy have I got good news for all you Korean drama lovers. K-popped! has been tipped that a brand new on-demand Korean drama site will be launched soon. On this site, you can get clear top quality (original) dramas with excellent English subtitles for viewing, and it’s FREE! Sweet!

You will be able to find popular K-dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, The Accidental Couple, The Slave Hunters, The Vineyard Man, Worlds Within and many many more on MAADUU. Moreover, two to three new dramas will be added each week so you definitely will have a wide choice of new dramas to choose from.

Dramas viewed on MAADUU are of the best quality since it is directly purchased / licensed from Korean broadcasting stations KBS, MBC and soon SBS.

  • MAADUU is easy to use
  • Unlimited Free Videos on-Demand
  • Best of Korean dramas, with New titles added weekly
  • Instant streaming technology, No downloads required
  • Watch fullscreen TV experience, up to HD quality
    (soon, HD will be available for viewers with high-speed broadband)

MAADUU will be launched on 01 August 2010, but,since you are a K-popped! reader, you get to test out the BETA version. You’ve got to sign up to view the dramas, but no payment is required.

Go to : www.maaduu.com

Sign up with K-popped! special invitation code: 3708

Tell us what you think of the site in our comments section and how you think it can be improved.

Remember, you heard it first on K-popped!

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14 Responses

  1. farr

    Hello guys, feel free to watch Lee Minho’s micro drama. for 3 episodes only and it is in MALAY SUBTITLES. Have fun watching.

    Episode 1: http://youtu.be/wQswTIOXn4Y
    Episode 2: http://youtu.be/DdiWyPaytfc
    Episode 3: http://youtu.be/GRtjTcyH3lA

  2. hazizah yahya

    A beautiful sound. Even if you do not  know it’s meaning you can still feel…

  3. Maseh_95

    kenape dah tak bole tengok website nye??disekat kep??

  4. Ayumi

    Yo, Janice~

    Haha, so you are a Malaysian gal who's currently working and traveling in Korea! (I enjoyed reading your backpacking experience in Soonchun & Yeosoo! Awesome~* The sceneries and air in Soonchun are surely unforgettable. ^^

    North America has 'dramafever' and Malaysia has now 'maaduu'!!
    Actually, since you are in Korea, I wanna recommend you to go to a video rental shop and rent drama DVDs for top quality viewing experience.It's very cheap to rent them and you could watch them with your laptop!

    are not bad, either.

    Drama DVDs usually have Eng & Chi subs; it's a cool and fun way to learn REAL colloquial Korean. Cheers and have fun in Korea!

  5. Janice

    Argh… i can't view it because i am in Korea.

  6. Ayumi

    The quality is simply awesome~ Thanks, k-popped, for introducing this amazing site to us!

    'He Who Can't Marry' is super-hilraious; it's one of the best dramas produced in 2009!!!

    'Boys Over Flowers'
    & 'The Man of the Vineyard' are some other must-see dramas I strongly recommend to everyone!!^^
    (Hope they'll upload 'Personal Taste' or 'Queen Sunduk' or ' Cinderella's step-sister sooner or later?!)

    Korean dramas absolutely RULE!!!!!

  7. inTan_suNShine

    lurve this maaduu….easy to navigate n interactive :D

  8. hanys

    syiok! just watch a love to kill.. miss Rain so much. the maaduu is so great

  9. || Lynn ||

    AWESOME!!! This means we won't have to download anymore!!

  10. Wawa

    weehuuuuu…i'm so loving this! that means, no video will be taken down due to licensing…

    but, believe it or not, i'm more eager to watch their Philippines' dramas list than Korean Dramas… hahaha!

  11. chajjye

    dramafever malaysian style. OH YES!

  12. Nur

    i luv you guys!!!!^_^

  13. izza lemonade

    i freaking love this site. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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