Videos of Brian Joo's 1st visit to Malaysia

Yo fellow K-popped! peeps. I know you love videos. Check out some of the vids of Brian Joo‘s first visit to our shores below.

Brian (left) with MC Baki Zainal: ‘Hey dude, she wrote down her 
phone number too! Oh snap!’

The Korean American singer, who is currently on hiatus from the duo Fly To The Sky, was in Malaysia for a fan meeting-cum-showcase on July 10. Before the main event, the 29 year old met the Malaysian media.

One of the questions asked was Brian’s prediction of who will win the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Check out what he said below:

Brian’s showcase started at about 3.15pm and the fans lapped up his performance. Apart from Malaysian fans, there were also fans from Indonesia, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and Singapore at the showcase.

He kicked things off with his Korean cover of Jason Derulo’s In My Head. But whoops, there was a minor glitch and the singer fessed up to it. Watch the video below to see what he said:

The talent capped his performance with the original English version of Jason Derulo’s In My Head, and killed it. Check it below:

By that time, everyone’s head was buzzing with In My Head :P. For everthing else that went on in between, read our review on Brian Joo’s 1st Fan Meet / Showcase in Malaysia!

Brian Joo made the decision to come to Malaysia

Brian Joo’s 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia