2PM covers KoreAm

David Yi of KoreAm, a monthly magazine that covers all things Korea American, talked to 2PM when the group was in New York recently.

The boys – except Junsu, who was recovering from an injured leg in South Korea – were there as the opening act of the Wonder Girls‘ American tour.

2PM: K-pop’s boys of the hour 🙂

The very engaging read is on the sextet’s rise to fame, an interview with the members, as well as an attempt to crack open that still-touchy issue of Jay Park’s departure from the band.

Here are some juicy quotes from the interview with 2PM:

Taecyeon on his scandal with SNSD’s Yoona:

“One of the guys that [sic] was taking pictures [with us] was like, ‘I’m so jealous of you Taecyeon!’” he says. “I’m like ‘What?’ and he’s like, ‘Yoona!’ like ‘What? No.’ It’s just a scandal. So it’s kind of like, you know, awkward between me and her cause we’re doing the same program but a lot of people are like, you know, kind of looking at us like ‘they’re still dating each other.’ But we’re not. The company’s not even giving us enough time to date each other!”

Nichkhun on testing himself on how long he can last without sleep:

“Like how many hours can you stay up. You know, like two days, three days without sleep. An hour a day for like three weeks.”

On contacting Jay Park:

Nichkhun: “No he [Park] doesn’t [contact us]. We don’t have time but… He’s doing his own thing and we’re doing our own thing. I guess he’s really busy.

Taecyeon: “I mean, I highly doubt it cause we’re too busy with our schedules.”

Nichkhun: “He’s probably going to be busy too,” continues Nichkun. “He has a movie and what not. We would like to congratulate him, if we see him.”

If you’re in the U.S., grab the Aug 2010 issue (seen above). Meanwhile, international fans can read the article at: http://iamkoream.com/cover-story-2pm/

Thanks to Johnny M for the heads up! 🙂