Andre Kim passes away at 75

South Korean fashion designer Andre Kim (real name Kim Bong-nam) passed away at 75. The unmarried fashion icon is survived by his son Kim Joong-do.

According to AFP, Kim passed away late Thursday (Aug 12) at the Seoul National University hospital where he was being treated for pneumonia. Kim was also being treated with anti-cancer chemicals after a surgery to remove colon cancer in 2005.

The eccentric Andre Kim was not only known for his evening and wedding gown collections, but also his quirky sense of style.

He always wore white “spacesuit-like” outfits, put on layers of thick makeup and had hair that looked like it came straight out of a spray can. Nonetheless, the septuagenarian was much-loved for his peculiarity as well as his designs.

President Lee Myung-bak sent condolences to Kim’s family. According to the president’s office, Kim will also be awarded the Medal of the Golden Crown, South Korea’s highest award for contributors to culture.

Rest in peace, sir. Thank you for the memories…your legacy will surely live on.

Source: AFP

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