Happy Chuseok!

While Koreans celebrate Chuseok today (Sept 22), we Chinese Malaysians celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

ํ•ดํ”ผ ์ถ”์„: Korean actress Hwang Jeong-eum shares some Korean
rice cakes with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Chuseok is a major holiday in South Korea and is celebrated with a three-day national holiday. It also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day and Koreans thank their ancestors in memorial services called Charye for the yearโ€™s harvest, and share their abundance with family and friends. Songpyeon (Korean rice cakes) are served at these ceremonies.

My Korean expat boss shared some songpyeon with the employees today. I like the orange-coloured ones the best :).

SONGPYEON: I had my very first one today. Have you had yours? ๐Ÿ˜‰

As for Chinese Malaysians, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. It isnโ€™t one of the major holidays in Malaysia; we do not get a day off :-P.

For the Mid-Autumn Festival, families supposedly gather to feast on mooncakes while taking in the beauty of the full moon. Children will also be carrying candle-lit — but now mostly battery-operated — lanterns around.

CANDLE-LIT LANTERN: I like these the best,
I get to play with fire

Happy Chuseok and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone!

1st pic credit: Newsen

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