Mayday is Fugitive Plan B’s catchiest track

I don’t know about you, but IMHO, Oran-G’s Mayday song gives Rain’s latest KBS drama Fugitive Plan B oomph whenever it comes on.


TRUTH OR DARE?: ‘Do you or do you NOT like my new drama Fugitive Plan B?

It’s a catchy and fun song that somehow adds pizzaz to the show. Out of all the songs I’ve heard from the drama’s OST, I absolutely like this one. Listen to it below!

What do you know about the singer Oran-G? I can’t find much about her on the internet.

As for the drama, I like the fact that yesterday’s episode aired in Malaysia was filmed in Macau…for obvious reasons. I was there in Oct and I recognize many of the places the drama was shot in.

What I don’t like about the drama is the many “chicken and duck conversations”. How can two people communicate with each other in an entirely different language? One character speaks Korean, and another replies in Cantonese. Or one character speaks English and another replies in Mandarin.

What the deuce? These “chicken and duck conversations” are getting on my nerves. If the characters can understand each other perfectly, then why not settle on one language only? Mayday!

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