KARA’s still 5…for now

The three KARA members who have yet to retract their contract termination notices (Nicole, Ji Young and Seung Yeon) revealed their demands from DSP Media Entertainment on Jan 25. They are as follows:

1. The trio want to end their contracts in July 2012, to match their Universal Japan contract.
2. In addition, they are requesting for a more professional management team.
3. They also want transparency in regards to their accounts and that their legal representative can also be involved in the accounts of the group and contract audits.
4. Moreoever, they have also asked for the resignation of DSP Media’s temporary CEO, Lee Ho Yeon.

It was later announced on the same day that the trio’s first 3 demands could be partially met but a change of CEO would be close to impossible.

Following that, DSP Media also revealed one of J’s text messages, which seem to persuade the KARA members to give him a “call anytime” as he has “cars” and “managers who can work well”.

Is “J” KARA’s friend and DSP Media’s foe?

After a second meeting on Jan 27 , it was decided that Kara will remain as a five-member group to continue their scheduled activities. Nevertheless, other results regarding the main issue as well as plans for future negotiations were not determined.

Regardless, this is good news for TV Tokyo, which previously stated that it will be airing the third episode of URAKARA on Jan 28. The network had hoped to continue airing the program but it was also preparing for the worst, and was looking for other programs because part of the fourth episode has yet to be completed.

WEDDING BELLS: Walking down the aisle soon.

Meanwhile, former KARA member Kim Sung Hee, will be tying the knot soon to Yang Won Joon, the eldest son of voice actor, Yang Ji Won. This has come as a shock to many since the couple have only been dating a year, and that there is almost a 10-year age gap between the both of them.

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