Comedienne Park Jisun gets a new face

Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop and South Korea’s obsession with looking good, Park Jisun was given a virtual surgery that set the internet community abuzz.

The popular comedienne — who isn’t your typical picture-perfect celebrity — has small eyes, a prominent nose and a broad face. Through the virtual surgery, she was given large, innocent peepers, a slightly slimmer nose and a V-line face. Netizens in South Korea marvel at Jisun’s transformation into a beautiful swan.

PhotobucketVIRTUAL MAKEOVER: Park Jisun’s photoshopped “before” and “after” pics

Someone from the same online community bulletin board had also put up photoshopped pictures of comediennes Jung Joori and Shin Bongsun. It attracted a whole lot of attention as the ladies looked like movie stars after their virtual surgery.

PhotobucketTRANSFORMATION: Jung Joori (above) and Shin Bongsun also get virtual surgeries

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but judging from the pictures; the ladies sure look more feminine and alluring in their post virtual surgery pic. Agree?

Source: Naver


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