SUPER Q: Ask Super Junior a Question!

Super Q: Ask Suju a question

Have you been dying to probe into minds of the super hot members of Super Junior? Is there a burning question you want to ask your idol? If you feel your questions just never get answered and the interviews out there just don’t cut it, why not ask one of your own?

Since most of you fans already know almost everything there is to know about the Korean group, we’re giving you this opportunity to throw in your OWN questions for a very special interview with Super Junior via Hot Magazine.

We will select the ten most unique / interesting questions from your posts to ask Super Junior during the interview. So, leave your question[s] and identity (name & where you are from) in the comment section of this blog or on the SUPER Q event page on Facebook and keep your fingers crossed. You might just get a very personal answer from Super Junior themselves. Yes, you may submit as many questions as you like.

Hurry and submit your questions now. Closing date for SUPER Q submission is 16 February 2011 (Wednesday).

After that, look out for the interview on &

Super Junior will be in Malaysia for their Super Show 3 concert on 19 March 2011. Check out SS3 Malaysia ticketing information in our previous post.

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  1. Dear Super junior ,
    Why is it SM always let Kim Heechul get away with everything while other members cant? What is it that make him so special??

  2. how can you guys comfort yourself for each other for the first time???
    really love your close relationship….;-)

  3. SUPER JUNIOR do not come to Sabah to perform?……we want to see them too……. =(

  4. KiBum,one of your members,have hardly join any of your group activities,everyone knows he’s busy with his drama and movies shooting,even if he had the time,he always shows his tiredness and despressed looks.did he play the most important role in the group,and how will you bring him back to the group if he wants to quit the group?
    Han Kyung-your former member and ex-leader of super junior-m,has already there any new solution do you have to bring him back to the group?will the company-SM ENTERTAINMENT,renew his contract so that he could stay in SUPER JUNIOR?
    i heard that SUPER JUNIOR -M has recently just added2 new members to the group which is EunHyuk and they the official new members that has been confirmed as the new members of SJ-M?

  5. guys,what is the best memories you have ever had while being in Malaysia,and what is the best thing you like about this country?if you could change,will you became one of Malaysia’s citizen?

  6. Dear Leeteuk, Did you ever had a dream about a girl you never saw before? (Aminat, Belgium)

  7. Dear Yesung, I saw turtles today and I immediately thought of you!! Yesung are you happy? what is you favourite day of the week? (Aminat, Belgium)

  8. Dear SuJu members! How in your opinion can fan-girls say “I love you” if they don’t know the truthful you? Doesn’t that mean, that they love only your outer appearance and skilfully created image? [Alexandra, Russia, Novosibirsk]

  9. If you can suggest a sub-group of Super Junior to your company and form it ,
    what kind of sub-group do you want to form except of K.R.Y , T , H and M .. ?

  10. I am curious of the types of girls each member of Super Junior likes. I am sure every member picks girl with certain characteristic they are looking for. What is the first priority each member of Super Junior looks for in a girl? [Teng, Malaysia]

  11. Now that you’ve come to Malaysia several times, what do you think of Malaysian women, in particular? What are their attractions? Would you consider dating and even marrying one (like me :P)? Would you consider giving up your nationality to be with her here :P?^^ (Nanie, Malaysia)

  12. Nowadays a lot of new idols groups make their debut in K-pop scene. They are giving fresh new songs and dance moves. What do you think of this phenomenon? What would you do to stay on top? (Fizzy, Malaysia)

  13. Guys, what do you see yourselves in the next 10 years and will all of you still be in the same group or build your own individual career? (Harpah from Malaysia)

  14. I wanna ask the boys, what are they looked for when they checked out girls; was it the face or the body? (Ida Idris, Kuala Lumpur) ^^

  15. Have you tried Durian before? If you have, how do you think it is? If you’ve not; would you have a taste on it? (Norfy, Malaysia)

  16. if tomorrow is the end of the world, with whom do you want to spend your last day together? is it with your family, friends, members or ELFs? (Nadira, Malaysia)

  17. Dear Super Junior. Would you guys fulfill someone’s dying wish? If you would, would you come to Belgium before 2012 ends? If you would come, you would make me soo happy!!!

  18. In your next life, do you still want to become a SuJu’s member or do you want to become an ELF^^? (LinhK, VietNam)

  19. What are your most favorite and least favorite aspects of being in a group consisting of many members? (Eva, Malaysia)

  20. if they could turn back time and go back to their debut stage, would they change anything about it? like their clothes or hair style or facial expression? ( Nazwin, Selagor, Malaysia)

  21. If the members of Super Junior have the opportunity to write for any singers in SM entertainment, who will it be? and what will the song be like? ballad? dance? trot? (Nazwin, Selangor, Malaysia)

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