Is SNSD coming to Malaysia in 2012?

Are you ready for an ocean of pink?

TELL US YOUR WISH: ‘Genies, please say you’ll come to Malaysia in 2012!’

Do take this with a grain of salt since we still do not have any confirmation yet. However, an official SM Entertainment statement regarding the details of SNSD’s 2nd Asia Tour (2011 – 2012) was “leaked” recently. And lo and behold, our sharp K-popped! eyes see Malaysia on the list.

Now let’s rub our little magic lamps and wish that South Korea’s Kpop darlings will appear on our humble shores. Gee, wouldn’t that be splendid?

Rough Translation:
October – South Korea
December – Taiwan
January – Malaysia
February – Singapore & Philippines
March – Indonesia & Vietnam
May – Thailand

Source: SNSDforever143[starchii‚ô•]