Stepholic grooves to Where U At on Taeyang’s birthday!

Are there any fans of 8TV’s Showdown 2011 here? If you are a fan of the local dance competition, you would have probably watched Stepholic’s performance of Taeyang’s Where U At live.

On March 18, the Top 10 dance crews from Showdown 2011 were supposed to “Replicate and Represent” songs that were given to them. Stepholic was given the chance to reproduce as well as revamp the choreography to Taeyang’s Where U At on the man’s birthday itself! What do you think of their performance?

Tae Yang turned 23 and left a birthday message for his fans on his Birthday!

Thus, while Taeyang (Twitter: @Realtaeyang) was celebrating his Birthday, with Daesung and getting well wishes from fans around the globe through Twitter, Stepholic was giving their all on stage. Although they managed a decent performance, they landed in the bottom four and had to battle to survive the eliminations.

The night’s best performance went to Elecoldxhot for their performance of Jay Chou’s Battle of Heaven & Earth. Incidentally, fans of Elecoldxhot were hoping to see the crew dance to any of Big Bang or Taeyang’s songs as some fans have been pointing out similarities between one of the crew members, Dennis Yin, to Taeyang.

As the battles continue, dare we hope that K-pop be featured as a theme one of these weeks? I guess we will have to just stay tuned to find out.