JYJ releases In Heaven and tours Europe

PhotobucketAngels without wings…

Fans will be asking “Have we died and gone to heaven?” Why are Hero, Micky and Xiah looking so ethereal, so handsome, and all dressed in white…looking like…angels!

Well, your hearts might still be beating, but you are not wrong… JYJ ARE “Angels From Heaven” – at least that’s the concept they are portraying on their brand new album entitled “In Heaven“.

“In Heaven” will be JYJ’s first Korean album.They have previously released “The Beginning“, an English album.

“In Heaven” features 10 songs, including a track called “Get Out” which is composed by Hero Jae-jung and Micky Yoochun. Both Hero and Micky also helped with the music arrangements of the song. In this album, you not only get to hear your wonderful “angels from heaven” sing, you will also see how talented they are as they have personally put effort in the creating both the songs and coming up with the concept and album sleeve.

The album will be available for pre-order this Friday at 10am at major record shops and online stores.

Besides keeping busy with their new album, JYJ will be touring Europe in the coming months.

Concert dates that have been confirmed so far are as follows:

Palau Sant, Barcelona – 29 Oct
Berlin – 6 Nov



Sources: Soompi  and The Korea Times

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