K-Popped! Raya Merdeka 2011 Hallyu Survey results

First up, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our K-Popped! Raya Merdeka 2011 Hallyu Survey. We had hundreds of respondents, mostly Malaysians, but some from as far as El Salvador, Canada and the United Kingdom so thank you for your support. Without further ado, here are the results!

Unexpectedly, Secret Garden emerged a clear winner at 47% as the Best 2011 Korean drama (so far) from the 5 nominees (arranged according to results: City Hunter at 30%, 49 Days at 12%, Lie To Me at 6%, The Greatest Love at 5%) due to great acting by the main cast, especially the legendary Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

Besides the talented cast and their chemistry, it also helped that the drama had a rather unique storyline (compared to previous K-dramas) sans a “square” or triangle love relationship conflict.

If you have yet to watch it, it’s a not-to-be-missed drama!

Next, the margin for your favourite male idol “promoted” song in 2011 (so far) was very narrow (with a difference of a mere 6 votes) but in the end, victory went to Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” at 34%.

Despite the song being labeled as a rehash of their previous singles, fans of the song obviously feel that it fits the energy and style of Super Junior. Although the Mr. Simple concept is not ground-breaking and neither is the choreography as distinct as “Sorry, Sorry” nor as as powerful as “Bonamana”, it still struck a chord with many K-Pop lovers.

Fans still loving the “dry-your-hands” motion in spite of its simplicity. Even the “X” dance has been catching up, although it’s said to be somewhat similar to a move in T-Ara’s “Roly, Poly”.

Giving Mr. Simple a run for its money is none other than B2st’s Fiction at 33% (followed by Big Bang’s Tonight at 18%, TVXQ’s Why (Keep Your Head Down) at 10% and CN Blue’s Intuition at 5%), which is another example of addictive vocal patterns from the K-Pop group these days. Still it’s a very melodic song and the chorus is a real puller, especially due to the background repetition of the word “fiction”.

Join in the “Penguin” dance, anyone?

Your favourite female idol “promoted” song in 2011 (so far) was also another close race with Miss A’s “Goodbye Baby” making a huge comeback towards the end, only to come in second at 29%. Although it is not as catchy as “Bad Girl Good Girl”, there is definitely a clearer sense of maturity in this song as each solo part in the song was well-executed with the right amount of assertiveness and confidence. The same can also be said about the song’s choreography.

Miss A goes from the colourful “Breathe” to the darker “Goodbye Baby”.

Coming in first is none other than 2ne1’s first foray into pop-rock with “Ugly” at 32% (third, fourth and fifth were T-Ara’s Roly Poly at 20%, IU’s Good Day at 13% and Secret’s Shy Boy at 6%, respectively).

Other than the brilliantly empowering lyrics to the song, it is definitely one of the better 2ne1 songs, where everyone seems to be showcasing their best vocals. Bom and Minzy handled their respective verses well as usual, CL sounds perfect for the chorus and even Dara hit some sweet spots during the song’s climax. All in all, it is beautiful enough to convince most that Ugly is the best.

2ne1’s message: “You don’t have to be beautiful to be perfect and loved”.

Your favourite most-improved idol rookie group in 2011 (so far) goes to none other than f(x) at 42% (trailed by Infinite at 35%, Girl’s Day at 20%, Sistar at 3% and Chi Chi at 0%), which their first full album, “Pinocchio” and finally scored some wins on a couple of music shows.

This was probably helped by the fact that the members were starting to get more active, albeit individually; Victoria prominently on We Got Married, Luna with her Legally Blonde musicals, Sulli MC-ing for Inkigayo, Amber was featured in Taiwanese singer Danson Tang’s song and MV I’m Back as well as Krystal’s appearances and subsequently victory in Kiss and Cry.

Beware, danger might just be on your right.

Did the “favourite idol vocalist” title fall on B2st’s YoSeob? Unfortunately, no (he came in second at 25%, in front of JYJ’s Junsu at 17%, IU at 16% and SNSD’s TaeYeon at 12%).

Nonetheless he is one of the better singers in K-Pop and this can be seen in this compilation of his solos. The winner? It’s none other than the K-Pop idol who made YoSeob speechless when he heard his name [during Immortal Song 2], Super Junior’s YeSung.

Who can forget his beautiful singing in the Cinderella Sister’s OST of It Had To Be You? For those who have no idea what we are referring to, below is a LIVE performance of the song during the recent SS3 concert here in Malaysia. Besides his various other OST songs, his performances on Immortal Song 2 were also equally impressive.

YeSung captivating Malaysian ELFs with his rapsy voice.

It was another close call with your favourite idol dancer with the winner winning by only a slim margin of 1 vote. In fact, at one point of the survey Rain, Tae Yang and Jay Park were all tied at first place.

In the end, Rain emerged victorious by edging out Big Bang’s Tae Yang (followed closely, in order of results; Jay Park at 22%, SNSD’s Hyo Yeon at 13% and BoA at 9%). Their talent in dancing is beyond doubt but just in case you need a reminder or some convincing here are 2 clips of Rain and Tae Yang dancing.

Super Junior’s LeeTeuk amassed a huge amount of support winning a staggering 47% of all your votes for your favourite idol group leader, ahead of Big Bang’s G-Dragon at 27%, SHINee’s TaeMin at 12%, SNSD’s TaeYeon at 9% and Wonder Girl’s SunYe at 5%.

Although he is known to have quite a “loose mouth”, fans are definitely acknowledging the fact that being a leader of 12 other individuals is no easy task.

No mean feat to be the leader of these Super Men.

It seems that most of you were undecided over your favourite maknae in an idol group but in the end, the honours went again to yet another Super Junior member, KyuHyun at 38%. And why wouldn’t he? There are so many reasons to love Kyu!

His votes were followed closely by 2PM’s ChanSung at 18%, SHINee’s TaeMin at 17%, Big Bang’s Seung Ri at 15% and TVXQ’s ChangMin at 11%. We bet it would have been tighter still if others like SNSD’s SeoHyun and 2AM’s JinWoon were included.

Last but not least, the 2 most “charismatic” idols were none other than Super Junior’s HeeChul and 2ne1’s CL, both crushing their fellow nominees by staying way ahead of the competition. (HeeChul at 28%, Rain at 14%, JYJ’s JaeJoong at 14%, TVXQ’s YunHo at 13% and Lee Seung Gi at 8%) (CL at 40%, f(x)’s Victoria at 21%, SNSD – YooNa at 18%, Wonder Girls’s SoHee at 7%, Kara’s Gyuri at 5).

Does these two charismatic idols draw you in?

We also provided voters with the “Other Option” for these 2 questions and got quite a number of repetitions for SHINee’s Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P for male idols as well as IU and Sistar’s HyoRin for the female idols.

Well, that is all for now. We hope that you enjoyed voting and reading the article. Feedback are much welcomed and we would love to hear from you regarding how you felt about the survey and if there is anything else we can do to improve on it.


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