2PM Press Conference in Malaysia (Hands Up Asia Tour 2011)

2PM Press Conference in Malaysia

2PM: All set to rock Malaysia at Stadium Negara @ 8:30pm on 25 November 2011
It’s the band’s first visit to Malaysia! We hope you enjoyed your stay… 

Here’s part 3 of the 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour press conference in Malaysia…

2PM was very punctual and appeared at 3:30pm to meet the Malaysian press. Host Owen Yap asked a couple of questions, then it was time for the media to ask them questions. The press was advised to ask the band questions related to their work and not personal lives, other groups or sensitive issues.


2PM thanked their Malaysian fans for the warm welcome at the airport when they arrived on Wednesday 23 Nov. Nichkhun was worried that fans would have gotten hurt because of the crowd at the airport.

About Malaysia!

It’s the group’s first time in Malaysia. When asked if they liked Malaysian food, Taecyeon replied that they haven’t had the chance to go out to sample some authentic Malaysian cuisine yet. He says “Maybe tonight!” – yes guys, please go out for mamak!

We are like family

All six members Chansung, Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Taecyeon still stay together and they are very closely knitted. Taecyeon explains “Even though we do a lot of our separate activities, we are kinda like family. We still live together. When older brother or younger brother does something, we all gather together and talk about it.”

2PM Fashion

When asked if 2PM will come out with their own fashion label, Nichkhun jokingly replies “We have problems dressing ourselves, I don’t think we can dress others.” Nichkhun is so modest, I’m sure 2PM Hottest would not have guessed he has problems with fashion as he looks great most of the time (thanks to his stylist?) 😉

Taecyeon then replies that Junho and Junsu are very fashionable while Chansung and Wooyoung are getting their way in their fashion sense. While Taecyeon himself is at the back of that line. He added that if they ever come up with a fashion line, it would be called 2PM Fashion!

About the concert 

When asked if there will be a lot of “manly songs” at the concert? Chansung replies “There will be songs that we will be able to enjoy together…and a lot of manly songs.”

We definitely look forward to the 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Live in Malaysia 2011 concert at Stadium Negara on 25 November guys! See you there!


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