CNBLUE’s BLUESTORM concert in Jakarta cancelled

The first ever CNBLUE concert in Jakarta, Indonesia is supposed to be on Nov 26 (Sat). However, on Nov 24 (Thurs) noon, the band’s management company FNC Music released an official statement to cancel the concert.

In the official notice, FNC Music stated that the concert is cancelled due to unresolved conflicts with the event organizer in Indonesia. According to the notice, the issue was a continued breach of contract on the part of the Indonesian event organizer.

The lack of preparation for the concert and promotions created an atmosphere of distrust, and FNC Music had repeatedly requested them to address it. But as the requests fell on deaf ears, FNC Music then decided to cancel the show.

Starlight Management, the Indonesian event organizer also released a statement and held a press conference later in the afternoon. In their official press release, the company said that they already tried to fulfill the terms and requests from FNC Music – whether it is for the concert venue, promotions, or concert production.

Three weeks earlier, the organizer announced a change in venue from Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City to the bigger JITEC Mangga Dua Square, which was a direct request from FNC Music. They have tried their best to fulfill the conditions and options that were given to them. But in the end, FNC Music decided to halt all concert preparations and the concert was cancelled.

Both FNC Music and Starlight Management offered their apologies to the fans. However, as the decision only came just three days before the actual concert day, many fans expressed their disappointment over the issue.

CNBLUE’s BLUESTORM Asia Tour kicked off on Sept 17 in Seoul. The first oversea date was supposed to be Bangkok, Thailand on Nov 19. That was postponed due to the severe flooding in the country.

Now that the Indonesian date is also cancelled, CNBLUE has technically not gone on “tour” yet. The BLUESTORM Encore Concert is scheduled for Dec 10 & 11 in Seoul.

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